The Services offered by JuXtra are founded on the large pallet of past experiences & in-depth know-how regarding specific technologies or processes.

The company is offering Management and Consultancy Services.

The Management Services are focusing on the project management of large IT & Telecom projects that require senior project management. Our experienced Consultants have acquired considerable hands-on project management experience whilst in the driving seat of many audacious and challenging projects.

This senior project management experience provides high certainty in the successful achievement of large projects, based on the 3 key project success indicators: in time, within budget and according to the project deliverable specifications.

Partnering with JuXtra provides the advantage of achieving smooth and fast progress of your difficult projects wherefore internal skills are lacking.

Our Management Service assignments are mostly project based, but can also be delivered on a recurring basis or a need basis.

Typical Management Services provided are:

  • crisis management within IT departments,
  • foundation and daily management of new technology/service companies,
  • large scale project management.

The Consultancy Services are situated on level of Government public tender response, business development and specific technological know-how. Our experienced Consultants have a solid academic background complemented with considerable hands-on technology and process experience acquired throughout their curriculum.

Some of our acquired know-how is very specific and offered to target Customers with specific needs.

Some of our special know-how is:

  • Public Tender processes & Public Administration Legislation,
  • Military Technology,
  • Internet & Telecom Service Providers Market,
  • Internet of Things, LoRa LPWAN,
  • Number Portability for fixed and mobile Telecom market,
  • Domain Name Technology (ccTLD),
  • Creation of Business plans for new products or services.

Partnering with JuXtra brings you unique knowledge that can help you win public Tenders or develop new products or services.

Typical Consultancy Services provided are:

  • assisting companies in responding to large public tender requests for NATO and Defense,
  • business development for smaller companies in a Military context,
  • business development of IT & Telecom related companies (new products & services roll-out),
  • number portability within Telecom environment.

We offer our specific know-how towards companies, industry users groups or governmental institutes within Europe.